Reflections on eating

I have known for some time that we need to eat healthier. It really hit me the other day when I asked my husband what vegetables he had eaten that day, to which he replied “none!” I reflected back on my day and on my recent days, and while we seem to do pretty well with our fruits due mostly to making smoothies most afternoons, our vegetables are lacking (mine included!). We don’t even have a real excuse as we like them! We just tend to buy food and cook conservatively–not wanting to waste anything and striving to save money, yet often forsaking our health in the process. Now that I have realized this, my desire is for us simply to eat our vegetables.

I have always heard that we need to “eat the rainbow.” Yesterday I sought to do that by making a tuscan white bean stew (with a few slight changes–added rosemary, used a bag of dried white beans, and did not include pasta). What a sense of satisfaction I had during dinner when I presented the stew to my husband. White beans, onions, and garlic, orange carrots, green celery, red tomatoes, and green spinach smiled up at me. This bowl packed with nutrients even tasted good–savory and delicious! My husband, who is sometimes picky, enjoyed the meal heartily and even took the leftovers to work today. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that we had taken a step closer towards taking better care of the bodies that God has given us.  The best part is that I have a whole dinner ready in my freezer for another day. Let the quest continue!


2 Comments to “Reflections on eating”

  1. This sounds delish, Elizabeth! I’m so excited about your blog and all your cooking adventures. 🙂

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