A different kind of pancake

Our family loves a good pancake night. Most often we enjoy blueberry pancakes. They are sweet and delicious and full of antioxidants. It’s simple, budget friendly, and a great way to eat some more fruit before the day is over. Over the last few weeks a different kind of pancake began calling my name.  Zucchini parmesan pancakes, anyone? Just this week I led our family into this new territory. I was exploring the site http://weelicious.com to learn about how to make baby food for our little guy when I stumbled upon this recipe for zucchini parmesan cakes. I almost always make dinner decisions based on what we have on hand to avoid last minute trips to the grocery store which always get us into trouble, and by divine design I had two gorgeous zucchinis on my counter from Saturday’s farmer’s market, eggs, bread crumbs, and even parmesan cheese on hand. My husband balked as he can be pretty skeptical about some of my ideas when it comes to cooking…how could zucchini and pancakes be used together to term an object to eat?  He was won over once we sat down to our dinner–salmon and zucchini pancakes topped with parmesan cheese and a dollop of sour cream. The best part was that we essentially ate them all (except for two which I enjoyed for breakfast!), which meant that we pretty much each had a whole zucchini for dinner that night. So many nutrients! Once again, I was encouraged to continue this goal of eating better and more colorfully. This particular night we had a whole lot of green. Toodles!


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