Ever since we had our son back in April, I have been especially hungry. This hunger has gripped me at the most inopportune times, like 4:00 or 5:00 am, when I would wake up ravenous and needing a snack, yet desperate to go back to sleep as quickly as possible. My favorite snack has become muffins as once baked, they are so readily available. In addition, they typically freeze well and defrost quickly.  I’m not talking about any old muffin. I’m talking about a new breed of  muffins (muffins 2.0) made out of whole wheat flour and ingredients like honey and applesauce…It’s a whole different kind of baking, and I am finding myself having to search online for recipes as my cookbooks are filled with more traditional recipes. While there is no doubt that muffins made of white sugar and normal flour are tasty, this new kind of cooking leads to a new kind of yum–one that makes you smile with the knowledge that this bread is good for you! This week’s recipe involved zucchini once again, since they are in season, reasonably priced, and scrumptious. These healthy carrot zucchini muffins appealed to me as I had every ingredient on hand except for nutmeg which had just run out. I added additional cinnamon, and that worked pretty well for my first attempt. The recipe also appealed to me since it included not only zucchini, but carrots and applesauce as well. It made 12 muffins, and they have continued to remain moist and taste good for a few days especially when warmed up in the oven. Just this morning a precious one year old little guy gave the muffin his enthusiastic approval when he ate it readily.  That really made an impression on me as little kiddos can be so picky about anything green! At this very moment my husband is warming one up for me for dessert; (five minutes later) he just served it to me with a glaze on top that he wipped up–sour cream, almond extract, and brown sugar mixed together! What a creative chef! Here’s a thought for all of you party planners out there; these really could be served as cupcakes at a birthday party if you add some kind of icing. Yum! All of those kiddos celebrating wouldn’t be on a crazy sugar high from useless calories, but would be getting vitamins and nutrients that they actually need. It seems like an opportunity to take advantage of. Our son better watch out when it becomes party planning time!


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