beta carotene power stew

Tonight’s dinner was truly an adventure. There was no recipe, and I got creative. It began with boneless, skinless chicken breasts that were baked at lunch time very plainly with the goal of freezing them and using them in a future meal. Well, we got distracted. It’s hard to imagine how that could happen on a GAME day and with a little pumpkin in tow, but those chicken breasts cooked and cooked. Once we realized what had happened I chopped them coarsely and threw them in some chicken broth in the fridge with the hope of redeeming them by giving them a chance to rehydrate themselves. A few hours later we decided to make dinner at home, and I got to work. The cooking process tonight reminded me of when I was a little girl as I remember on a few occasions putting all of my favorite things in a bowl and stirring them together, just knowing that it would be the best creation ever! Of course, that was not always the case, but it was fun to see what would unfold.

So tonight, I peeled and chopped two carrots, one sweet potato, and an onion (remember my goal of eating better and more colorfully?!) and put them on a roasting pan to roast for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Before popping them in the oven, I topped them with olive oil, sea salt, herbs de provence, cinnamon, and cumin. Random combination, I know, but it sounded enticing to me! While those veggies roasted, I got brown rice cooking on the stovetop. Once the veggies were ready, I transferred them to a pot and began to add some chicken broth (Trader Joe’s organic). I ultimately used a little less than half a carton. I then added the pitiful chicken, which at this point had been restored pretty well, to the pot. The star ingredient was extremely spontaneous and truly made the dish so flavorful–orange juice!  Once the veggies, chicken, chicken broth, and splash of orange juice heated up together, I simply stirred in the cooked brown rice. The rice portion for this meal was 1/2 cup uncooked. The result was this simple, hearty, flavorful ORANGE colored one pot meal packed with beta carotene and vitamin A. And, once again, we have a whole dinner leftover and in our freezer for another evening on a much busier day!


2 Comments to “beta carotene power stew”

  1. Elizabeth, I am inspired. We have been having fun, too, using good fresh veggies, but I haven’t been quite as creative as you have gotten. I am loving reading your new recipes. Keep them coming. Now my blueberry pancakes/waffles that we were going to have seems kind of boring. 🙂
    We’ll have to talk. Maybe throw in a few surprises for the rest of the Jones family.
    Have a good week,

  2. Laurie! That’s awesome that you all have been working towards the goal of eating more vegetables as well. It certainly takes a lot of initiative. I am all for blueberry waffles or pancakes–one of our favorites and never boring. Hope you are feeling better!

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