animal, vegetable, miracle

About two and a half years ago a friend of mine gave me a copy of her book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, to borrow. In this book Barbara Kingsolver chronicles the journey of her family’s commitment to eat only local foods for a year. I was blown away by the creativity and dedication they demonstrated in their approach to cooking for their family. What I mean by this is that they ate foods that were in season. While this seems to be common sense, it’s really pretty radical as we are so accustomed to buying what we want when we want it. Think about how amazing a tomato tastes in July; it’s red and vibrant and delicious. That’s just not quite the case at other times in the year.

Through reading this book, I began to think differently about food. My reading happened to coincide with local farmers’ markets opening up that Spring. My husband and I enjoyed visiting various markets on lazy Saturday mornings and taking in the produce and enthusiasm of the farmers and gardeners.  Since this time we have moved to a new home and literally live right down the hill from our local Saturday’s farmer’s market. Simply by walking through the market regularly, I have grown in understanding of what’s in season. This is news for a woman who grew up in a major city and has barely gardened her entire life!

I was so inspired by this book that I tried out a few recipes including one for zucchini chocolate chip cookies. Our dear friends joined us for dinner that evening, and the husband about spit out the cookies when he learned what was in them. However, I think even he would agree that they really are good and a creative way to eat some green! I recommend them wholeheartedly, and if you have not read the book, it’s fascinating and informative about something so basic.


2 Comments to “animal, vegetable, miracle”

  1. this is one of trey and my favorite books! it was very formative for us!

    • So encouraging to see your comment today! You and Trey model colorful, creative, healthful eating so beautifully. Thanks again for the mustard greens; we served them with mushrooms, scrambled eggs, and vermont cheddar this weekend. Yum!

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