Inspiration & Butternut Squash/Sundried Tomato Soup

Several weeks have passed since I last posted. What’s really neat to me is that the week that I began this blog was a turning point during which I decided to move forward with opening my own business. We have been praying about it for some time, but that week was one filled with creativity, energy, and assurance that it was right and time to take some tangible steps forward. I have been busy doing just that, and while I still don’t know what’s in store, I trust that God has a plan and will provide along the way.

All of that being said, the quest to eat better has not faltered despite the lack of documentation! One of the best things about this week is that I stumbled upon a blog filled with so much good stuff about what I am aspiring towards. I have been looking for a resource like Passionate Homemaking for a while, and I am so grateful to have found it!  This woman, Lindsay, is a believer, and she lives her life seeking to glorify God and be an incredible steward of her family and the resources He has provided her. I loved reading through some of her recipe posts particularly her menu plans and the recipe index as it is clear that she spends time in the kitchen making REAL food for her family, and she does it on a budget. I am so inspired that I am even considering attempting homemade yogurt one of these days!

As I browsed through the recipes and thought about meals for this week, I found this one for Squash and Sundried Tomato Soup and was intrigued. Never have I thought abut putting sundried tomatoes in squash soup. I had a container of sundried tomatoes in my freezer that I had purchased at our local farmer’s market store, a butternut squash that I’d bought for 69 cents/pound which is the best deal I’ve found so far, & organic chicken stock from Trader Joe’s, so I was set. I made a few changes including only using one onion which saved a dollar for me, and I felt like we didn’t need two for flavor. The freezer sundried tomatoes I soaked in olive oil a bit before cooking. We only had three pitifully small fresh basil leaves from our tiny herb garden, so I had to settle for dried basil, which worked in a pinch. I pureed about half the soup leaving many whole strips of sundried tomatoes. This soup is AMAZING, and it looked gorgeous as well being a rich golden color. It passed the hubby taste test, which says a lot for a squash soup. It is absolutely packed with flavor from the sundried tomatoes and nutrients from the butternut squash. My batch of this soup really just serves 4 unless I had thinned it greatly with more chicken stock and/or water. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in trying something new and different this Fall!


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