Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Indulgence

I absolutely LOVE chocolate chips. I literally eat a few every night, and often I have a couple during the day as well. It is a slight addiction I guess, but I am so favorably disposed towards embracing a little bit of chocolate each day that I have not worried too much about it. Some of my dearest friends know that my “go to” dessert is melting a few chocolate chips and brown sugar together and then eating it by the spoonful. My closest friend from growing up has now adopted it as her “go to” when she craves something sweet. Since we don’t really keep ice cream or desserts around the house, this is the perfect indulgence and can even be called homemade. 🙂

Since I love chocolate chips and brown sugar so much, it is no surprise that my favorite cookie of all time is oatmeal chocolate chip. YUM! I love that incorporating the oatmeal makes it more nutritious. The other afternoon I was making a meal for a friend who just had a baby, and being a Sunday afternoon in October I had Fall foods on my mind. The meal ended up consisting of Ground Turkey/Black Bean chili served over cheese grits, pumpkin muffins, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I found the recipe by searching for a recipe that calls for whole wheat flour. I am so thankful to have found this recipe, as I believe it might be “the one”  from now on for our family. Of course, it’s not perfectly healthy, and I am sure that modifications could be made to reduce the sugar and butter a bit, but since my other favorite cookie recipe calls for a stick and a half of butter, this is moving in the right direction! I made these using all whole wheat flour. I left out the walnuts and did add cinnamon, which in my opinion makes most things better. They seriously are so yummy. I recommend that if you make them for anyone else, that you package them making them ready to deliver before you help yourself to any because they are that tempting!


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